Marah is funded solely by gifts, grants and fundraising by supporters. The Charity is a non-profit making organisation and we are always grateful for financial donations.

Your donation will help us to continue our work and make a positive impact on the lives of the people who use our services.

It costs Marah £3 to provide a two-course nutritional hot meal. This covers fresh ingredients, hall rental, utilities and equipment costs.


Marah’s target is to sign up 200 regular donors of £3 per month by the end of 2020. We were delighted to reach our initial target of 100 in June 2019. Can you help us reach our new target? Can you sign up a friend or family member?

The following options are available for making a donation:

Cash Donations

Please Contact the office if you would like to make a cash donation. The office is not always staffed and we wish to ensure someone will be there if you plan to visit.

Food Donations

We ask that all food donations are passed to Stroud District Foodbank (SDC). SDC work closely with us and your food will be passed on to those in need, including Marah clients. Foodbank provides Marah with our emergency food packs for people we are working with who are in crisis. They also pass on food to Marah that we can use for our meals served at the Drop-in. Marah also obtains food weekly from Tesco via the FareShare scheme. We also receive a weekly fresh food donation from Waitrose.

Other Donations

We are always happy to receive donations of coffee, long life milk, toiletries, good quality clothes and shoes, and biscuits. Please contact the office (Mon – Wed only) to arrange delivery.

Stroud Foodbank

Please contact Foodbank to donate food. They can arrange collection from you. Their website also provides details of what items are always needed.

Please Contact the office if you have any queries regarding donations.